This Is How Hundreds Of Business Owners Have Traded Constant Overwork & Overwhelm

...For A Business That THRIVES On Just 10 Hours A Week.

Discover a “mom/wife/entrepreneur-friendly” productivity system that works better than any planner, time-blocking technique, or scheduling software you’ve tried before.

I help busy women entrepreneurs get more done in less time through a science-backed approach to productivity.

Hey there!

My name is Neill Williams.

A few years ago, I compressed an intense corporate 60+ hour workweek down to just 30 as a partner in a firm, so that I had an extra 10 hrs./week to dedicate to building a coaching business on the side.

Since then, I’ve managed to turn that coaching business into a $500k/yr. operation – and it still takes me just 10 hours per week to run it.

Now, I help other women entrepreneurs to achieve the dream of work-life balance that they deserve.

My goal? Make it so you never have to say no to what matters most to you. 

If you’ve ever wondered why you ALWAYS seem to be busy, no matter how much you try to engineer your schedule down to the minute…

You’re probably another victim of a dirty little secret the time management industry isn’t telling you:

The trick to “work-life balance” is NOT in marking up another planner, mastering some fancy time management software, or hiring a massive team.

And if no one else will say it, I will…

Most Productivity Solutions Suck.

Either they’re the same ol’ recycled productivity planner that works just fine – until literally any event comes along that wasn’t planned for…


They’re productivity solutions devised by some privileged, middle-aged dude who gives you useless blanket advice like: 

“Eliminate time wasting tasks. Remove distractions. Then delegate 90% of your responsibilities!”

Okay Mr. Successful, but who’s going to look after the kids?

Who’s going to make dinner?

Who’s going to be the family taxi when the kids need picking up from soccer practice?

The Reality Is, Women Have Been Sold A Rigged “Time Game” That’s Almost Impossible To Win.

Of course – you could always hire a team, right?

A couple extra brains in the business to take things off your plate so that you can finally step away for a minute?

Oh wait, I forgot…

You tried that already.

And If you’re like most business owners I speak to, bringing on a team has only left you more tied to the business than ever, fighting fires and trying to fix mistakes. Oh, and now you also have to worry about payroll too. Because THAT’S gonna help you feel more freedom and get better sleep at night….

Is it just you?

Is every other woman entrepreneur just “boss babe-ing” their way through life without a care in the world? Are you the only one who can’t figure out how to free yourself from this “lifestyle business” that has only given you a lifestyle of stress and pressure and guilt?

I KNOW you didn’t start your business just so you could have new and different kinds of disappointments.

You – like so many of us – bought into the idea that you could start a business, set your own schedule, and fit this source of income around your priorities. 

Your family. Your health. Your passions. Whatever YOU decide is truly most important to you. 

And yet, here we are… 

NOT living the dream. NOT meeting those bright-eyed expectations. NOT saying yes to what matters most… and losing precious time, every single day. 

Let me take a moment to say:

It’s not just you.

Actually, nearly every entrepreneur I meet is experiencing the same thing. And it’s not down to their time management skills, or even the impostor inside you that might try to tell you that you’re “not cut out to be an entrepreneur”...

It’s down to one simple realization I’ve had after years of working with women entrepreneurs on this stuff:

Time Doesn’t Work The Way You Think It Does

What that means is that I can practically guarantee you’re planning your schedule wrong. 

(I can practically guarantee you're planning your team’s schedule wrong, too...)

That’s not your fault, either.

Most of us have been taught our whole lives to view the day in terms of something called “Clock Time.”


Those “same 24 hours in a day” that we apparently all have?

(...Except that when you’re a woman, at least 12 hours of that day are almost always dictated by things like school pickup times, dinner times, and other things totally outside your realm of control.)

The trouble is, Clock Time is only one part of the equation…

Time Doesn’t Work The Way You Think It Does

There Are Also 2 Other Types of Time Governing Your Day.

And if you ONLY build your schedule around “the same 24 hours we all have every day,” you’re doomed to fail. 

Which is why if you’re booking to finally get the traction, freedom, and peace you deserve…

You need to know how to take advantage of the 2 other types of time too:

  • “Body” Time; and…

  • “Mental” Time

Body time = the part of the day when your personal energy levels, creativity, and motivation are at their highest.

If you’ve ever felt full of inspiration in the morning, but totally tapped of creativity by the afternoon – that’s your Body Time at play.

Mental time = how much mental bandwidth you can actually devote to a task at any given time.

You can have a whole day of nothingness sprawling out in your schedule to check off tasks on your to-do list…

…But if your Mental Time is at zero, good luck trying to get everything done!

Altogether, these three blocks of time are called the “Time Triad.”

The Time Triad

The obvious bad news is:

You can’t change your schedule to create more “Clock Time” – just like you can’t magically change a 24-hour day to a 30-hour day.

…but what can do is adapt your schedule to work around your own personal Time Triad so that you can:

  • Do all the work ON the business that really moves the needle – without sacrificing the other small (but essential) obligations on your plate…

  • Show up for your family when you need to – without being a burned out, cranky, and low-energy mess…

  • Instantly neutralize the overwhelm, the guilt, and the procrastination that comes with being a wife, a mother, and a business owner….

  • And even ensure your team’s Time Triad is set up so that you’re getting the best they have to offer, too.

And here’s the good news about all of this:

Once You Set Up Your Time Triad In The Right Way, Everything Changes.

To help you do that, I wrote a book.

The book is called How To Thrive On A 10-Hour Workweek, and it’s designed to help you get more done in less time by leveraging the role that your biology plays in your schedule.

It’s just $4.99 for a digital copy.

You can pick yours up below.

Image of Book: How To Thrive On A 10-Hour Work Week, Neill Williams

To be clear:

This isn’t just about giving you another same-y planner to write some “pretend” schedule that goes up in smoke the minute you actually put it into practice…

Nor is this about using gimmicky tomato timers to chunk your day out into 25-minute “work” blocks (good luck trying to get your kids to not bother you during those 25 minutes…)

And even if you don’t have a team you can delegate things to at the moment, don’t worry: I’m not going to tell you to go out and hire 5 new people.

Instead, I’m going to show you a science-backed approach to getting more done in less time by leveraging your body’s natural rhythms.

…especially if you’re a woman entrepreneur with an impossibly long to-do list already stacked against you.

My goal in doing all of that is simple:

I’d Like To Help You Thrive On A 10-Hour Work Week.

Not survive. Not just “get by.” THRIVE.

Why 10 hours?

Because according to Harvard Studies, the average person working in a traditional office environment is “at work” for 40 hours per week…

…Yet they’re actually “working” for only 10 of those hours.

Put another way:

You are probably wasting at least 30 hours of your week right now on things that aren’t getting you any further ahead.

My question is:

What would your business – and your life – look like if you got those 30 hours back?

Here’s the cool part, too:

How you fill your 10-hour work week is totally up to you.

Maybe it looks like working the “morning shift” Monday to Friday, and having the afternoons to spend time with the kids after school…

Or maybe it looks like working Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday – then enjoying a nice long weekend in that city you always said you’d explore…

Or perhaps you’ve got a more flexi-schedule, but now you can finally step away from your laptop for more than 3 hours at a time without worrying that another fire will start and you won't be around to put it out.

Whatever your 10 hours look like, I’d like to make sure that your business will THRIVE in the pockets of time you do have.

No more laptop dread. No more overwhelm. No more breaking your back just to make payroll. 

And most importantly… no more skipping out on what matters most to you because “Mommy has to work right now.” 

So if you’d like to see how to do that…

You can pick up a copy of “How To Thrive On A 10-Hour Workweek for just $4.99 below.

Here’s to more time doing the things you enjoy!


How To Thrive On A 10-Hour Workweek

Discover the Escape Plan Hundreds Of Entrepreneurs Are Using To Go From

“Overworked & Overwhelmed”...To A Business That THRIVES On Just 10 Hours Per Week.

Image of Book: How To Thrive On A 10-Hour Work Week, Neill Williams

The book for sale on this page is called “How To Thrive On A 10-Hour Workweek.”

You can pick up a digital copy and get instant access for just $4.99.

(No need to wait for it to be shipped to your door!)

Inside, you’ll discover the same system I used to build a successful, 6-figure business that works around my busy schedule as a mom…

…And the same system currently helping other overworked and overwhelmed women entrepreneurs to finally build the lifestyle of “work-life” balance they’ve been missing in their business for far too long

If you like what you read in the book, you might decide to work with me and my team on a closer level to help you transform your business into something that thrives around your lifestyle.

Or not.

Either way, you’ll get a simple, step-by-step roadmap for transforming your schedule into something that helps you bring out your A-game every day…

A roadmap for turning your team from an expensive time-suck into a well-oiled machine that runs itself… 

And a roadmap for achieving more growth in your business without having to drop all of your other responsibilities to do so.

You in?

Here’s What Some Of My Clients Have Said About This Breakthrough Approach To Time Management:

“It felt like I suddenly dropped all this weight of dread and confusion. I was dreaming about simplifying my business for so long, and now I’m actually doing it!”

Kris Jones

Founder of Red Door Designs

“I’m literally an expert at time management now: My to-do list is empty at the end of the day. When I turn off my computer, I don’t give it another thought. The reason for that is simple: Neill!”


Neill’s Right Hand Woman

“I now work 30 hours (or less) each week, and I STILL get everything done. Neill has taught me that I can be a wife, mother, and an entrepreneur and make it all work in the hours I have.”

Katrina Martin

Mother, Wife, and Entrepreneur

“What changed for me was that I got crystal clear on the problem I solve for my clients, and how I solve it. My business now reaches more people and continues to grow, and in a way that’s fun and a LOT easier.”

Sindy Warren


“We went from 5 employees to 10 employees, and our business doubled – and yet I feel LESS overwhelmed, and MORE in control. Working with Neill has been the single best decision I’ve made in my business and in my life.”

Allison Ryan

Coach and Educator

Here’s A Sneak Peek At Some Of The Stuff You’ll Discover Inside Of How To Thrive On A 10-Hour Workweek:


The #1 Reason You Don’t Have Any Time At The Moment – and how to fix that in the next 30 days…


Why 40-Hour+ Work Weeks Are Destroying Your Productivity – and the reason a 10-hour work week is the secret to getting more done…


No Amount Of Productivity Planners, tomato timers, or scheduling softwares will work unless you understand the truth about time on page 57…


How To Identify Your Body’s Personal Rhythm so that you’re never stuck doing a “doing” task when your body is actually primed and ready for “thinking” tasks…


The 6 Biggest Reasons Most Entrepreneurs End Up Overworked and overwhelmed – and how to finally break the cycle…


Scheduling Not Your Thing? It’s probably because you haven’t tried the scheduling technique I recommend on page 93 – designed with flexibility in mind!


The Trick To Building A Team That Manages Itself (whether you have 5 employees or 50!)


The 3 Types Of Time That No One Seems To Talk About – yet rule your entire schedule from the moment you wake up (Spoiler: understand this you can practically become a time management ninja overnight…)


Do You Know How Much Your Overwhelming Schedule Is Really Costing you at the moment? Just take the 2-minute test on Page 6 to find out…


How I Managed To Compress 60 Hours Of Work Into Just 30 as a corporate professional and new mom – and the health crisis that made me realize that even a 30-hour work week was too much for my body…


Organizational Psychologists Who Have Studied Time Management have established that trying to manage time is useless – Why? I’ll tell you on page 23…


The Secret To Taking Control Of Your Time that has nothing to do with the 24 hours we all apparently have (Page 25)...


What A Long-Dead British Naval Instructor Can Teach You about time management – or more specifically, the reason you never have enough time (page 33)...


“If Not Every Hour I Work Is Productive…then How Many Hours Per Day Can I Actually Do Quality Work?” – get the simple answer in Chapter 4 (starts on page 47)...


The Little-Known “Milkshake Experiment” that gave us breakthrough evidence on the mind – and how it can be your best time management tool or your worst…


The Simple Reason You’re Busier Than Ever, even after hiring a team…


The Breakthrough Time Management System that has allowed hundreds of entrepreneurs to double their business growth while halving their workload…


How To Make Time For Your Role As A Wife, mother, caregiver, taxi driver, chief cook, and bottlewasher – without sacrificing the growth of your business in the process…


A Step-By-Step Process For Neatly Compartmentalizing Each Part Of Your Life and your business…so that you can finally stop majoring in minor things and focusing on what matters!


…and so much more!

I’d Like To Help You Thrive On A
10-Hour Work Week.


AI-Powered Schedule Builder

Let AI Identify The Behaviors, Patterns, And Tasks Currently Stealing 90% Of Your Time.

Most entrepreneurs I know spend 90% of their time on tasks they shouldn’t be doing.

Some tasks they know they shouldn’t be doing. But with others, they’re completely unaware that they are literally giving away their most valuable asset!

But rather than trying to figure out exactly how to “budget” your time by yourself, I’m including this handy AI tool that’ll do it all for you!

Just plug in your ideal numbers, let this tool identify your biggest time sucks, and discover how to start making smarter “investments” with your time.

Get this handy AI Schedule Builder included at no extra cost with your order!

Image of Laptop with Title Card: AI-Powered Schedule Builder
Image of Tablet with Title Card: The “7 Time Roadblocks” Workshop


The “7 Time Roadblocks” Workshop

Break Down the “Mental Blocks” of Time That Are Holding You Back & Keeping You Unnecessarily Busy

Most of us have only ever been taught to view time one way – as a set of 24 hours.

But no one’s 24 hours look exactly the same, and that rigid way of thinking has led us to develop some super unhelpful perspectives on time that are keeping us busier than ever.

That’s why, with this free Masterclass, I’d like to show you how to avoid succumbing to the 7 biggest mental roadblocks around your time that are probably holding you back right now.

Get this Masterclass at no extra cost with your order of the book!

Image of Tablet with Title Card: The “7 Time Roadblocks” Workshop


How To Thrive On A 10-Hour Workweek  – AudioBook Version

Prefer Listening To Your Books? Listen On Any Device Wherever You Are With The Audio Version!

If you like the sound of the book, but you can’t even begin to imagine where you’ll fit reading it into your schedule…

Then don’t worry.

I’m also including the audiobook version for free with your digital copy of the book.

That way, you can get all the valuable insights from it even while you’re driving to the office, picking up the kids from school, or even while you’re at the gym!

Image of Mobile Device Playing Audio File: How To Thrive On A 10-Hour Workweek  – AudioBook Version

Get How To Thrive On A 10-Hour
Workweek + 3 Free Bonuses On This Page:

Image of Book: How To Thrive On A 10-Hour Work Week, Neill Williams
  • How To Thrive On A 10-Hour Workweek

  • BONUS #1: AI Powered Schedule Builder

  • BONUS #2: The “7 Time Roadblocks” Workshop

  • BONUS #3: How To Thrive On A 10-Hour Workweek  – AudioBook Version

Real Talk:

You’re Not Just Wasting Time At The Moment – You’re Losing It.

Look, I know.

This is another book to read… Another task on your to do list…

Another thing on the ever-growing mountain of things you already have to do.

But ask yourself:

What is your schedule really costing you at the moment? 

Yes, sure, getting bogged down in the weeds when you know as the business owner that you should be thinking Big Picture – that is frustrating.

But can I be honest for a sec?

It’s not just that you’re wasting your time on doing things you really shouldn’t be doing…

It’s that your busy-ness means that you’re actually LOSING crucial time that you have no guarantee of getting back later. Time you could spend with friends on weekends doing the “girls trip” you’d always promised each other…

Movie nights with your family where you’re NOT sitting with your laptop on your lap… Weekends making memories with your kids that you’ll be able to reminisce about when both of you are older.

And as someone who suffers from multiple autoimmune diseases that can leave me totally sapped of my energy without notice… You can never guarantee that you’ll have tomorrow to do anything.

Especially if you’re a mother; then you’re also losing crucial time in your kid’s life too.

18 years might seem like a long time, but those years go by quickly, and once those days are gone, they’re gone.

And the longer you spend each day overworked, overtired, and over-stressed, the more days you’re losing when it really counts.

So What Are Your Options?

Option #1:

Grit your teeth and bear it as you try to keep on juggling everything.

Not really a feasible option since you’re probably at breaking point as things are. 

So that leaves option #2…

Option #2:

Close the business.

After all, you can’t get burned out if there’s nothing to burn you out in the first place, right? 

Then again, you still have a family to support, and a team whose livelihoods depend on you, so probably not an option either.

(Not trying to fear-monger here, just being real.)

That’s why I want to give you a third option.

An option that doesn’t require you to join the “4AM Club” to get more stuff done…

An option that doesn’t mean scripting your day down to the minute, and hoping that nothing comes along to turn your meticulous schedule upside down… And an option that doesn’t have to involve hiring more team members or rebuilding your team from scratch – then simply inheriting another set of responsibilities on top of the ones you already have.

I want you to have your cake and eat it too. 

So if you’re ready to put an end to the constant overwork and overwhelm, so that you can finally achieve the work-life balance that seems like nothing but a fantasy at the moment…

 …then pick up a copy of How To Thrive On A 10-Hour Workweek below for just $4.99.

Get How To Thrive On A 10-Hour
Workweek + 3 Free Bonuses On This Page:

Image of Book: How To Thrive On A 10-Hour Work Week, Neill Williams
  • How To Thrive On A 10-Hour Workweek

  • BONUS #1: AI Powered Schedule Builder

  • BONUS #2: The “7 Time Roadblocks” Workshop

  • BONUS #3: How To Thrive On A 10-Hour Workweek  – AudioBook Version

Questions You Might Still Be Asking…

Q: “What If I don’t even have time to manage my time?”

It’s counterintuitive, but believing that less time makes you more productive is the mindset of those who are wildly efficient with their time. This is why the Psychology of Time is one of the foundations of the 10-Hour Week Method.

When you get this, you can compress your workweek by 50% or more. This is also how I took a 60+ hour workweek, compressed it into 30 hours, and still got the same amount done. (Colleagues in my corporate job even asked me if I was on speed because they couldn’t understand how I got so much done in such a short amount of time!)

Q: “Will I have to take a hit on my business growth, revenue, etc.?”

Nope! In fact, many of the clients that I show this too actually see their businesses grow as a result. Why? Because they’re finally able to spend time on the “$10,000/hour tasks” that move the needle the most as a business owner.

Q: “Can this work if I have a team?”

Absolutely. I actually wrote this book partly for the entrepreneur who has already done the stuff everyone tells them to like “hiring a team”...and yet they’re still busier than ever.

Not only can this help you take back control over your own schedule, it’ll help your team members get more out of their own schedules too! You win, your team wins, everybody wins.

Q: “...and what if I don’t have a team? Can this still work?”

Don’t worry, I won’t just go and tell you to hire 5 new people (and add a bazillion dollars in expenses to your business overnight).

Instead, I’ll show you how to get more done, in less time, by using the simple resources that are available to you right now.

Q: “I don’t control my schedule, so will this work for me?”

We all have things that demand our attention and constrain our ability to work whenever we want. For me, it’s health and being a mom and a wife. For you, it might be different. It might be a boss, a job, or client, or kids that need taking care of. But this does not mean that you lack control over your time – you probably just need to adjust your decision-making.

Inside the book, I’ll show you exactly how to set the right kind of time constraints for yourself that can allow you to get everything you need done, in the pockets of time you do have total autonomy over.

Q: “I’ve tried being productive but I’m just not good with my time. Can this still work?”

You might have given up on scheduling, time management, and productivity because in the past you spent an hour or more Monday morning creating a schedule only to throw it out before lunch.

And I don’t blame you.

That’s why this system is designed to focus on more than just time planners and tomato timers. It’s about reverse-engineering your biology to address the root of the time management issue. Because everyone has 24 hours in their day, but not everyone’s 24 hours look the same!

Q: “I’m a serial procrastinator…how will I know that I’ll actually follow through?”

Procrastination is just a signal that something is off-balance between your schedule and natural rhythm. What that means is that the solution to procrastination is actually very, very simple:

Find your body’s rhythm, and structure your schedule around it.

…And what I’ll help you do is understand exactly how your own biology works, so that you can ensure you’re on your A-game every time you sit down at your desk.

Q: How long will I have access to the bonuses?

For as long as you want them! Lifetime access is included, so these bonus resources (plus the digital copy of the book itself) are yours to keep!

Q: What’s your refund policy?

Your purchase is backed by a 365-day money back guarantee. What that means is you’ll have a whole year to read the book, go through the bonuses, and try the system inside. And if you find it hasn’t been of any help at all? You can claim a full refund, no questions asked, with an email to [email protected].

365-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is backed by a 365-day money back guarantee. 

You’ll have a whole year to read the book, go through the bonuses, and try the system inside. 

And if you find it hasn’t been of any help at all? You can claim a full refund, no questions asked, with an email to [email protected].

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